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soursop matcha or coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee. Having a morning brew is a daily ritual for millions, often repeated throughout the day at cafes whipping up flat whites, long blacks and espressos.

And no wonder, coffee tastes great, sharpens you up and brings the opportunity for a nice break during the work day.

But there are downsides to being a slave to the daily grind. Your teeth can get stained, too much coffee brings on the jitters and affects your concentration, and instead of slowing things down, that cup of coffee just speeds things up.

Make soursop matcha tea your daily habit instead.

Soursop Matcha tea is emerging as a true alternative to coffee, offering all of the upsides, none of the downsides, and many more health and wellbeing benefits.

Matcha is the oldest and most premium variety of green tea in Asia; it’s made from 100% pure, organic green tea leaves. It’s often called the espresso of green tea, so here’s three big reasons why at The Soursop Tea we reckon it’s time you tried a different kind of brew…



People love to talk about coffee styles, but let’s face it, most of us drink it for that sweet caffeine hit! But soursop tea gives a clean energy, healthy alternative

A cup of the black stuff will cause a spike in the body’s adrenaline, glucose and insulin levels and make you feel more aware, but then comes the crash, which can causes feelings of jitteriness, nervousness, and even hunger.

In contrast, soursop matcha tea offers a smoother, more sustained and more satisfying experience, coming on slow and lasting many hours. There’s no rollercoaster ride, just a feeling of calm awareness. This is because it contains a caffeine relative called theobromine. It is very sought after in the natural health world. It is also responsible for the natural regulation of a healthy blood pressure level.



Soursop Matcha tea has been used for centuries as a health and beauty aid – Japanese women even use it for facial masks! 

Enjoying a daily cup of Soursop Matcha can bring a healthy glow to the skin because of its antibacterial properties and won’t give you that nasty dry mouth feeling or dreaded coffee breath. It’s also packed full of antioxidants that are good for the body and have been linked to the treatment of many illnesses.

Compare that to coffee, which can give your skin a sallow appearance and whose main benefit to the body is as a simple aid to digestion, matcha is by far the healthier choice.


Coffee is seen as a drink you can grab on the go. From instant coffee you can make in the kitchen to a takeaway macchiato, coffee has become ingrained as a quick fix.

But The Soursop Tea is just as quick and easy to make – you simply scoop some sifted tea into a mug, add hot water, froth it and it’s ready to go. Alternatively it is easily added to other beverages like smoothies or almond milk. Many cafes are now starting to serve up soursop tea lattes that can be made just as readily as coffee, offering a great alternative when you need a pick me up on the go.

Make the switch to The Soursop Tea.

Soursop Matcha is a great drink for slowing down, reflecting on life and smoothly rejuvenating your energy levels. So the next time you go for a coffee break, grab The Soursop Tea, you’ll feel the difference!


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