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Soursop and 8 Other Superfoods You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

 Soursop health benefits includes suppressing cancer, supporting eye health, relieving inflammation, managing diabetes, promoting health of stomach and digestive tract, kills intestinal parasites, relieving pain, reducing stress load, reliving respiratory tract ailments, promoting liver health, and boosting immunity.



Noni fruit grows on trees in warm tropical climates. It has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities which are believed to relieve and prevent a wide variety of diseases.



Often considered a weed, purslane is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. As an added benefit, it’s delicious; purslane is somewhat crunchy and has a slightly lemony taste. 

Camu Camu

This Amazonian fruit is loaded with antioxidants and is believed to have powerful anti-viral properties making it useful for everything from shingles to the common cold. 


Also called “Fruit from Heaven” this vibrant red-orange fruit is full of beta-carotene and lycopene; it has 76 times more lycopene than tomatoes!


Native to Southeast Asia, this member of the mulberry family is a good source of vitamin C and its seeds are a good source of protein


Amla, also called Indian gooseberry, is sour and astringent. It is used in both its fresh and dried forms to reduce inflammation and blood sugar.


These salty Japanese pickled plums are made with shiso leaves. They’re eaten for their antibacterial and digestion-promoting qualities




Teff has been a staple of Ethiopian cuisine for thousands of years. The smallest grain in the world, it is a nutritional powerhouse with lots of calcium, protein, and fiber.

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