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You may have heard about soursop, graviola, guanabana and corrosol and assumed that all of these were different fruits, however they are all one and the same. The Annona muricata is prevalent in equatorial regions across Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America. What you call the fruit, actually depends on where you live: soursop in English speaking countries, graviola in Brazil, guanabana in Spanish speaking countries and corrosol in French.

We at The Soursop Tea prefer to use the term Soursop because it is the most commonly used name across much of the world and it certainly sounds more intriguing than graviola! 


To immediately set the record straight, the soursop tree is not a mysterious plant from the unexplored depths of the Amazon Rain Forest. In truth, soursop is a well-known plant to the indigenous peoples of the tropics, and was first discovered by Europeans over 500 years ago. Western scientists have actively studied soursop since the 1970s, and a considerable amount of information is available about the plant in the regions to which it is native.

Soursop is generally cultivated around the world as a food source and the soursop fruit is very popular and part of the staple diet in much of South East Asia and Latin America.

Both traditionally and in modern times, soursop has been sought-out for its many health benefits and is today increasing in popularity as an herbal supplement for cancer treatment, mood enhancing, diabetes and as a mild sedative to relieve stress and hypertension. 


Soursop is well known for its numerous health benefits, and is used as a traditional medicine around the world where the soursop is native. In herbal medicine, the soursop leaves have been used to: treat stomach ailments, fever, rheumatism, urinary tract infections, stimulate digestion and stop convulsions.

Other uses include the treatment of hypertension, the reduction of blood pressure, lowering of the heart rate, dilation of blood vessels, to relieve depression and lowering blood sugar. 

Extracts of soursop have antiviral, anti parasitic, anti-inflammatory, anti diabetic, and anti hyperglycemic properties. Soursop has been used to treat herpes, kill bacterial infections and to kill parasites.


Much discussion is flying around the internet about the relationship between soursop and cancer treatment and prevention. Much of the information out there is misleading, as it suggests that graviola is a cure for cancer, without delving into the research.

Here is a brief summary of what we do know about soursop and cancer treatment and prevention:

Studies from around the world show that soursop has anticancer effects and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Some studies show that certain elements of soursop may kill specific types of cancer cells, and others have been purported to block cancer cells from expelling cancer-treatment drugs, thus increasing their effectiveness.



There is no right way of using The Soursop Tea powder. We encourage you to be creative! Since it is a powder it is easily added to your favorite beverage or smoothie and incorporated into your daily routine.

The Soursop Tea is made from both the fruit and leaves. The flavor is smooth and enjoyable with a tropical fruit and floral essence. Soursop blends well with other herbs, making it a neutral base for many herbal infusions or as an addition to any beverage or smoothie.


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  • I greatly appreciate this Soursop drink. I feel so energetic since replacing it my tea every morning. Don’t feel so hungry. Blood pressure went down. My weight went down. Bowel movement is regular. This Soursop tea does so much. It is making a big difference in my life. By the way I am 66 years young and it makes me younger. Thank you for this wonderful product.

    Yvette Skeete

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